A few delicious morsels:

Comparing presentation of data to serving a meal:

The Juice Analytics’ product, Juicebox, is more like dinner at home with Blue Apron or other meal kit service.

We’ve always taken a people-first approach to technology. It was encouraging to hear Ted see that focus in the product:

Juicebox makes data consumption easy while it prods the data-shy into gradual self-confidence… Juicebox’s active approach grows analysts. A certain portion of its users will no doubt sprout legs, such as when they see that cooking by number is just a short leap to cooking by touch, smell, and sizzle. They may have not quite as satisfying a dinner the first few times they try that, but in the end they’re better cooks.

Finally, in comparison to Toucan Toco, which has committed to a more centralized, controlled approach, Ted’s verdict is that

The enterprise that wants to breed deep, enterprise-wide intelligence will prefer Juicebox.

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