2/15/2021 Four Quadrant in Tableau If you are a Tableau or data visualization enthusiast, then you have certainly come across the four quadrant chart. A quadrant chart is simply a scatter plot that is divided into four equal squares, hence the name quadrant. Like a scatter plot, the quadrant chart plots one measure on the […]

Non-fungical token assets are declining rapidly, The market is down 70% from its peak, NFTs, in a moderated form, are likely here to stay. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), tradable digital certificates that verify ownership of digital assets using blockchain technology, have dominated headlines in the last several months. The media mania hit a high with the […]

Long- and Short-Term Time-Series Network (LSTNet) Multivariate time series forecasting is an important machine learning problem across many domains, including predictions of solar plant energy output, electricity consumption, and traffic jam situation. Temporal data arise in these real-world applications often involves a mixture of long-term and short-term patterns, for which traditional approaches such as Autoregressive […]

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz has written a very entertaining book on big data and how it can be used to understand Humankind. The main idea of ​​Seth is that Google searches is the most powerful source of information to understand what people really think about. Seth argues that the main advantage of Big Data is our ability […]