Editor’s note: Maryna explains why self-service analytics has gained much traction and shares how to leverage its capabilities to the fullest. If you consider integrating self-service analytics into your analytics environment or improving the existing solution, don’t hesitate to turn to ScienceSoft’s data analytics consulting services for professional assistance. Nowadays, with data being widely recognized […]

Co-authored with Leo Leung. Much like the heterogeneous environments in the data center, customers are increasingly choosing multiple clouds as they recognize that different vendors have different areas of strength. In the first few years, many of our cloud customers were existing on-premises Oracle software and application customers, but that’s changing. Many of our new […]

Hello reddit fam, I am a technical recruiter at an agency representing NewsBreak (Particle Media, Inc.), one of the first unicorns of 2021 (valued at over $ 1B). I have been periodically lurking on this page for a while and I recently been assigned this project and thought what better way to give back to […]

Hello, Is anyone interested in working on a micro-podcasting platform? www.dailyune.com I’m looking for a developer that is interested in the challenge of creating an algorithm that converts audio to text, splits the text into sentences / paragraphs then determines a subject or topic for each paragraph, then works out how to split the audio […]

Azure Functions is a cloud service that allows you to deploy “serverless” microservices that are triggered by events (timers, HTTP POST events, etc) and automatically scale to serve demand while minimizing latency. The service natively supports functions written in C #, Java, JavaScript, PowerShell, Python and TypeScript, and now supports other languages ​​as well thanks […]