In reality, the calculating power of a smartphone is nowhere near sufficient to mine bitcoin.

However, there is more than just bitcoin mining, also there are other cryptocurrencies that may theoretically also be mined using a smartphone.
The app’s screenshots, nevertheless, show the earnings in BTC, as it is possible to withdraw earnings in bitcoin. Evidently, these amounts are extremely low, since using the very low computing power of a smartphone very little can be mined.
The first is that the affiliate application . In fact, it is likely that more money can be earned from affiliations than from mining.
CryptoTab Browser is a program that, according to its authors, enables surfing the web whilst mining cryptocurrencies.
The next feature that raises doubts is the fact that the program gives the possibility of renting additional computing power to boost mining revenues, via a cloud mining service.
But it’s the third quality that is of most concern. In fact, there’s no requirement to use a browser to mine cryptocurrencies.

But it remains a free app that does not require payments.
If that were true, it might even be possible to doubt whether the program actually does some mining, which might be marginal in any instance, while the main objective would be to acquire users.
So if it’s correct the CryptoTab Browser mines cryptocurrencies, it certainly does not mine BTC, however for example XMR (Monero).
Ultimately, it’s a program which uses a browser in an unnecessary way, in order that some doubts arise.

It is effectively a browser in its own right, to be used for browsing the internet, but its main feature is said to be mining cryptocurrencies.

My first mining payout within 3 days
My first mining payout within 3 days

Thus, it is questionable why this program is a browser at all, since this is not necessary for mining. However, the app was originally created as a browser extension, so it might simply be an evolution for smartphones.
In other words, this could be the origin of the income that is distributed to the consumers of the app. If that is the case, it’s effectively a pyramid scheme.
To sum up, we can say it is a legitimate, totally free app that doesn’t ask for cash to work.
In other words, it could be a pyramid scheme in which earnings come mainly in the new affiliations that are created rather than from mining.
However, this logic begs another question: is your data the user enters to the browser when browsing the internet, like the credit card number when searching on an e-commerce site, safe?
But to begin with, the earnings that can be acquired simply by using it are only derisory, although it does consume more battery power. If you would like to make more, you have to shell out cash.
The truth is that rental has a price tag, but it’s on no account verifiable that the cash is actually utilized to cover the expenses of mining.
But, there are three attributes that are vexing, in addition to the low earnings.

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