Live Updates COVID-19 CASES
  • World 139,828,469
    Confirmed: 139,828,469
    Active: 17,936,958
    Recovered: 118,889,035
    Death: 3,002,476
  • USA 32,226,766
    Confirmed: 32,226,766
    Active: 6,876,364
    Recovered: 24,771,394
    Death: 579,008
  • India 14,291,917
    Confirmed: 14,291,917
    Active: 1,569,716
    Recovered: 12,547,866
    Death: 174,335
  • Brazil 13,758,093
    Confirmed: 13,758,093
    Active: 1,155,844
    Recovered: 12,236,295
    Death: 365,954
  • France 5,187,879
    Confirmed: 5,187,879
    Active: 1,079,771
    Recovered: 4,008,035
    Death: 100,073
  • Russia 4,684,148
    Confirmed: 4,684,148
    Active: 268,796
    Recovered: 4,310,557
    Death: 104,795
  • UK 4,380,976
    Confirmed: 4,380,976
    Active: 140,447
    Recovered: 4,113,338
    Death: 127,191
  • Turkey 4,086,957
    Confirmed: 4,086,957
    Active: 516,886
    Recovered: 3,535,040
    Death: 35,031
  • Italy 3,826,156
    Confirmed: 3,826,156
    Active: 510,023
    Recovered: 3,200,196
    Death: 115,937
  • Spain 3,396,685
    Confirmed: 3,396,685
    Active: 196,535
    Recovered: 3,123,268
    Death: 76,882
  • Germany 3,095,016
    Confirmed: 3,095,016
    Active: 262,875
    Recovered: 2,752,000
    Death: 80,141
  • Poland 2,660,088
    Confirmed: 2,660,088
    Active: 343,648
    Recovered: 2,255,232
    Death: 61,208
  • Argentina 2,629,156
    Confirmed: 2,629,156
    Active: 269,999
    Recovered: 2,300,232
    Death: 58,925
  • Colombia 2,602,719
    Confirmed: 2,602,719
    Active: 103,459
    Recovered: 2,432,061
    Death: 67,199
  • Mexico 2,295,435
    Confirmed: 2,295,435
    Active: 263,263
    Recovered: 1,820,959
    Death: 211,213
  • Iran 2,194,133
    Confirmed: 2,194,133
    Active: 366,628
    Recovered: 1,761,497
    Death: 66,008
  • Ukraine 1,921,244
    Confirmed: 1,921,244
    Active: 416,328
    Recovered: 1,465,820
    Death: 39,096
  • Peru 1,681,063
    Confirmed: 1,681,063
    Active: 22,880
    Recovered: 1,602,034
    Death: 56,149
  • Indonesia 1,594,722
    Confirmed: 1,594,722
    Active: 107,297
    Recovered: 1,444,229
    Death: 43,196
  • South Africa 1,562,931
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 1,562,931
    Active: 21,300
    Recovered: 1,488,060
    Death: 53,571
  • Netherlands 1,378,145
    Confirmed: 1,378,145
    Active: 210,582
    Recovered: 1,150,702
    Death: 16,861
  • Chile 1,101,698
    Confirmed: 1,101,698
    Active: 43,743
    Recovered: 1,033,189
    Death: 24,766
  • Canada 1,096,716
    Confirmed: 1,096,716
    Active: 83,142
    Recovered: 990,074
    Death: 23,500
  • Romania 1,023,565
    Confirmed: 1,023,565
    Active: 66,686
    Recovered: 930,942
    Death: 25,937
  • Iraq 956,860
    Confirmed: 956,860
    Active: 104,639
    Recovered: 837,336
    Death: 14,885
  • Belgium 939,309
    Confirmed: 939,309
    Active: 126,250
    Recovered: 789,423
    Death: 23,636
  • Philippines 914,971
    Confirmed: 914,971
    Active: 193,476
    Recovered: 705,757
    Death: 15,738
  • Sweden 900,138
    Confirmed: 900,138
    Active: 161,675
    Recovered: 724,675
    Death: 13,788
  • Israel 836,726
    Confirmed: 836,726
    Active: 2,856
    Recovered: 827,555
    Death: 6,315
  • Portugal 829,358
    Confirmed: 829,358
    Active: 25,414
    Recovered: 787,011
    Death: 16,933
  • Pakistan 745,182
    Confirmed: 745,182
    Active: 78,425
    Recovered: 650,775
    Death: 15,982
  • Bangladesh 711,779
    Confirmed: 711,779
    Active: 98,689
    Recovered: 602,908
    Death: 10,182
  • Switzerland 632,399
    Confirmed: 632,399
    Active: 55,221
    Recovered: 566,679
    Death: 10,499
  • UAE 493,266
    Confirmed: 493,266
    Active: 15,201
    Recovered: 476,518
    Death: 1,547
  • Saudi Arabia 402,142
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 402,142
    Active: 9,249
    Recovered: 386,102
    Death: 6,791
  • Panama 359,830
    Confirmed: 359,830
    Active: 3,929
    Recovered: 349,718
    Death: 6,183
  • Ecuador 355,431
    Confirmed: 355,431
    Active: 39,338
    Recovered: 298,604
    Death: 17,489
  • Belarus 341,539
    Confirmed: 341,539
    Active: 7,164
    Recovered: 331,972
    Death: 2,403
  • Bolivia 286,114
    Confirmed: 286,114
    Active: 38,016
    Recovered: 235,495
    Death: 12,603
  • Kazakhstan 281,351
    Confirmed: 281,351
    Active: 36,393
    Recovered: 241,625
    Death: 3,333
  • Dominican Republic 259,639
    Dominican Republic
    Confirmed: 259,639
    Active: 38,621
    Recovered: 217,613
    Death: 3,405
  • Kuwait 253,066
    Confirmed: 253,066
    Active: 15,254
    Recovered: 236,384
    Death: 1,428
  • Egypt 213,798
    Confirmed: 213,798
    Active: 39,717
    Recovered: 161,470
    Death: 12,611
  • Qatar 193,952
    Confirmed: 193,952
    Active: 21,610
    Recovered: 171,985
    Death: 357
  • Oman 176,668
    Confirmed: 176,668
    Active: 18,002
    Recovered: 156,845
    Death: 1,821
  • Nigeria 164,080
    Confirmed: 164,080
    Active: 7,734
    Recovered: 154,285
    Death: 2,061
  • Bahrain 160,934
    Confirmed: 160,934
    Active: 11,201
    Recovered: 149,159
    Death: 574
  • China 90,468
    Confirmed: 90,468
    Active: 299
    Recovered: 85,533
    Death: 4,636
  • Singapore 60,769
    Confirmed: 60,769
    Active: 322
    Recovered: 60,417
    Death: 30
  • Afghanistan 57,721
    Confirmed: 57,721
    Active: 3,077
    Recovered: 52,105
    Death: 2,539

😷 World-o-meter

139,828,469 Total
3,002,476 Deaths
118,889,035 Recovered
17,936,958 Active Cases
2.1% Death %
85.0% Recovered %

States casesConfirmed casesRecovered casesDeath cases
Andaman and Nicobar Islands5262508263
Andhra Pradesh9421359030727353
Arunachal Pradesh169201679856
Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu452337704
Himachal Pradesh73353648321159
Jammu and Kashmir1428771307912046
Madhya Pradesh3735183134594365
Tamil Nadu96293589183912999
Uttar Pradesh7663606270329480
West Bengal63688558942410480


Q&A on Novel Corona virus – How Pandemic COVID-19 Precautionary measures will change your life

What is Corona virus and How Novel Corona Virus Precautionary measures will change your life?

Corona virus may be a huge group of infections which will cause disease in animals or people. Some corona viruses are tend to cause respiratory contamination from the first virus to progressive vertigo. For instance, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), the foremost recently detected corona virus causes corona virus disease Covid-19. Therefore, It is currently a pandemic (epidemic) and people are recommended to take \Precautionary measures from Novel Corona virus.

A novel corona virus is a new corona virus that has not been previously identified. The virus causing novel corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19), is not the same as the novel corona viruses that commonly circulate among humans and cause mild illness, like the common cold.

There are several guidelines Prepared by WHO for Taking Precautionary measures from Novel Corona virus


COVID-19? What is this and Why Novel Corona Virus Precautionary measures will change your life?

Novel corona virus is the last detected corona virus lately . New infections and illnesses weren’t apparent before the episode began in Wuhan, China in December 2001. Covid-19 is currently an epidemic (pandemic) affecting many countries across the country (or across the continent).

On February 11, 2020 the World Health Organization announced an official name for the malady that is causing the 2019 novel corona virus flare-up, first recognized in Wuhan China. The new name of this infection is crown infection malady 2019, condensed as COVID-19. In COVID-19, ‘CO’ means ‘crown,’ ‘VI’ for ‘infection,’ and ‘D’ for sickness. Earlier, this malady was alluded to as “2019 novel crown infection” or “2019-nCoV”

There are numerous sorts of human corona viruses including some that ordinarily cause mellow upper-respiratory tract diseases. COVID-19 is another infection, brought about by a novel (or new) novel corona virus infection that has not recently been seen in humans therefore it is recommended to take Precautionary measures.

What are the symptoms of Covid-19?

The most widely known side effects of Novel Covid-19 are fever, dry cough, and drowsiness. Variations that are less common and may affect some patients include throbbing pain, nasal congestion, brain pain, conjunctivitis, sore throat, intestinal loosening, loss of taste odor, or skin rash or finger. These side effects are usually mild and begin step by step.

Some people infected but have dull signs. The measures (about 80%) of medical clinics are disease-free without the necessity for treatment. Covid-19 gets 1 out of each 5 people that think they’re really sick and affected by rest. skilled individuals are more in danger of developing the particular disease from basic clinical problems like high vital sign , heart and lung problems, diabetes or disease.

Nevertheless, anyone can get Covid-19 and he gets really sick. Fever also as any respiratory problems , chest pain or problems associated with speech or growth impairment, immediate clinical consideration and Careful measures should tend . Within the absence of conceivable opportunities, it’s advisable to call the doctor or responsible in-charge, in order that the patient are often coordinated at the acceptable center.

What should I do when I get Covid-19 symptoms and it is better for me to think clinically?

If you have a mild manifestation, for example, a slight rash or mild fever, there is usually no compelling reason for clinical consideration. Stay at home, keep yourself isolated and check your suggestions. Follow national guidelines on self-elimination.

However, if you reside in a neighborhood with intestinal disease or dengue , it’s important that you simply don’t ignore the side effects of fever. See Clinical Assistance. At a time once you attend the welfare office you’ll wear a canopy . If understandable, in any situation keep 1 meter way better than others and don’t touch the surface together with your hands. during a situation where a toddler has such a lot weakness that the kid followed this recommendation .

If you have difficulty breathing or have chest tightness, consider a fire clinic. Call your social insurance provider in an understandable situation ahead of time, so that it can guide you to the appropriate welfare office.

How this virus is spread?

This virus is spread mainly from a infected person through small droplets which enter inside nose or mouth. These modes are medium, do not go very far and do not sink to the ground very fast. On the occasion of taking these gems from an infected person, the person is Covid-19. This is why in any event it is important to stay 1 meter away from others. These garlands can access articles and surfaces around a person, for example, tables, door handles and handrails. This is why it is important to wash your hands with cleanser and water in general, or rubbing alcohol-based hands.
The WHO is continuously disseminating Kovid-19 and sharing the latest research.

WHO is continuously spreading Covid-19 and sharing the latest research.

Will Covid-19 be obtained from a person with side effects?

Covid-19 mostly spreads through the respiratory tract of a person who has by fever and lethargy. Many people with Covid-19 experience only mild side effects. This is particularly evident in the early stage of infection. It is possible to get COVID-19 from someone who just has a delicious hack and does not feel ill.

Some reports has proved, a person can be infected without any symptoms. The WHO is constantly evaluating the test at this point and is conducting a fresh search.

If we taint someone, how should we protect ourselves and others?

The practice of hand and respiratory hygiene is consistently important and the most ideal approach to ensure others and yourself.

Remember when there is a distance of 1 meter between you and others. This is particularly important for the ability to achieve success from hacking or whitening. Some infected people may not yet show signs or their side effects may be mild, keeping physical isolation with everyone is a closed idea that you are in the area where Covid-19 is flowing.

What should I do if I come in close contact with Covid-19?

If you keep close contact with person infected by Covid-19, there is high chance for you to get infected

Close contact means that you live or are less than 1 meter away from a sick person. In these cases, it is advisable to stay at home.

Although you are less likely to live in an area with jungle fever or dengue fever, you cannot ignore the signs of fever. See Clinical Assistance. At a time when you go to the welfare office you can wear a cover if it is understandable, in any case 1 meter away from others and do not touch the surface with your hands.

What is Self-Isolation and How will it effect Precautionary measures from Novel Corona Virus?

  1. Self-isolation is an important measure to avoid spreading others, including networks, with signs of Covid-19, including relatives.
  2. Self-isolation is a point at which a person suffers from fever, hack or other Covid-19 side effects.
  3. Reduce the chances that you do not live in an area with intestinal disease or dengue.
  4. If a person is in self-isolation, it is because he is ill but not seriously ill .
  5. There is a spacious ventilation all around, with hand hygiene and toilet offices.
  6. Regardless, Any symptoms make sure to self isolate at least for 14 days.
  7. Contact your family doctor immediately if you have trouble breathing.
  8. Be positive and empowered by staying in touch with friends and family over the phone or on the web and practicing at home on your own.
  9. If you are not experiencing side effects, it indicates to the infected person, keep yourself isolated for 14 days.

What to do in such a situation, where you might think you are infected with COVID-19?

Separating from others means isolating because one person infected with Covid-19 you are protecting others from infection. The purpose of distinguishing oneself is Precautionary measure of transmission. Those infected with Covid-19 can isolate themselves quickly and can protect themselves from contamination.

Will Youngsters or Youngsters get Covid-19?

Research has shown that children and adolescents are more likely to be stigmatized by other age groups and can spread the disease. Evidence so far suggests that there is a strong resistance to serious infections in young people and adolescents, but even at this age the most severe occurrences.

Youth and adults should isolate themselves and make their own solitude. If they are in danger or they have side effects. It is especially important that children avoid contact with more established individuals and others who are at risk of serious illness.

What can I do to reassure myself and spread the infection?

Note the most recent data from the Covid-19 episode area, accessible on the WHO site and through its national and nearby general welfare authority.

You can reduce the chances of contamination or the spread of Covid-19 competition by Precautionary measure of potential threats:

Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with an alcohol-based hand rub or cleanser and water.

Washing your hands with a cleanser and water or rubbing alcohol-based hands applies the infection to your hands.

Keep 1 meter less distance with yourself as well as others.

In such cases, when someone hacks, wheels or speaks, a little liquid bead flows through their nose or mouth which can cause infection. On a close occasion when you are very close, if someone becomes ill, you can take beads with a Covid-19 infection.

Maintain Social Distancing.

Where people gather together, you can meet Covid-19 pass with anyone, and it is becoming difficult to keep a physical distance of 1 meter.

Do not make eye, nose and mouth contact.

Hands come into contact with many surfaces and can cause infection. When distracted, the hands can transfer the infection through your eyes, nose, or mouth. From that very moment, the infection can enter your body and contaminate you.

For you and those around you, follow a great deal of respiratory hygiene. In this case, discard the previously owned tissue quickly and wash your hands. Why? Beads spread the infection. By following great respiratory hygiene, you take Precautionary measure from infections, for example, chili, influenza and Covid-19. .

Wear mask to protect others from contamination when you do not have a chance to go outside.

Avoiding contact with others will protect them from novel Covid-19 and various infections.

If you have fever, hacks, and difficulty breathing, look for clinical considerations, but if understandable, call on time and follow the top of the nearest welfare authority.

National and additional experts will have the most up-to-date data about the situation around you. Getting ahead of time will enable your human service provider to quickly guide you to the right welfare office. This will ensure you and help in spreading infection and various diseases. Keep up to date with the most recent data from trusted sources, even WHO or your nearest and national welfare experts.

Is there an antibody, drug, or treatment for COVID-19?

Some Western, traditional or home remedies may reduce the comfort and side effects of novel Covid-19, but there is no medicine that has been shown to cure or cure the disease. WHO does not prescribe any medication, including anti-microbial, for the prevention or treatment of Covid-19. As it may be, Western and traditional medicine have some progressive clinical biases. WHO COVID-1 is conducting Precautionary measure and vaccination and drug development efforts and will continue to provide fresh data before test results are available.

The best way to convince yourself and others against Covid-19 is:

  1. Clean your hands as often as possible
  2. Do not make contact with your eyes, mouth and nose
  3. Spread your notch corners or tissue curves.
  4. In any event keep a distance of 1 meter apart from the others.

How to properly wear a mask?

  1. Before contacting the cover, rinse hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or cleanser and water.
  2. Take the mask and inquire about it in tears or open. Locate the top (where the metal strip is).
  3. Guarantee as many mask faces as possible on the outside .
  4. Squeeze the metal bandage or the hard side of the mask so that it moves to the position of your nose.
  5. Pull the mask down the base so that it covers your mouth and your jaw.
  6. Do not try to contact the cover when you wear it for insurance. After use, remove the lid with clean hands.
  7. When removing long curtains from your face and clothes, remove most of the circle of cover, preferably not in contact with the stone slab.
  8. Clean your hands in case of intrusive contact or disposal – Rub alcohol-based hands, or use a mild, wash your hands with a cleaner and water.
  9. Keep in mind that covers are not an option for others, you can adopt a practical approach to ensure yourself as well as others.

What is the relationship between Covid-19 and animals?

Covid-19 is spreads between human-to-human transmission. We are certainly aware of various infections in the corona virus family and there is a biological cause for a large part of such infections. Covid-19 infection (also known as SARS-Cov-2) is another human infection. The WHO is monitoring the most recent Explorer on this and other COVD-19 cases.

Can I get Covid-19 from my pet or from different animals?

Some canines and flies exposed to contaminated people have made constructive efforts for Covid-19. What’s more, the disease has all the symptoms of being unconscious. In the case of exploration, two spoilers and ferrets had the option of transferring contamination to different animals of the same species. In any case, there is no evidence that this animal can infect humans and spread Covid-19. Covid-19 is a contagious personal hacks, wheels, or most of the beads formed on speaking. These are the primary manifestations of animal-to-human transmission.


General Questions

What is the rate of surface contamination?

Studies have shown that Covid-19 infection can occur for 722 hours on plastic and ferrous steel, less than 4 hours on copper and 2 hours on cardboard.

For example, in each case, rub your hands with alcohol or wash with a cleanser and water. Do not make contact with your eyes, mouth or nose.

How to take Precautionary measure while shopping at store grocery?

When shopping for food, keep 1-meter distance away from others and do not make contact with eyes, mouth and nose. On imaginative off-the-spot occasions, disinfect the handles of streetcars or crates before shopping. When at home, wash your hands thoroughly, caring for and setting up purchased items.

How to wash ground grown food with careful measures?

Food taken from the ground is an important part of the sound eating routine. Wash them the same way you do in any situation: Wash your hands with a cleanser and water before handling them. At that time, wash soil products thoroughly with pure water, especially if you eat them raw.

Are anti-infection agents possible to take careful measures or reward COVID-19 forests?

No. Anti-infection agents do not neutralize infection; They only work on bacterial diseases. In medical clinics, doctors sometimes use disinfectant agents to treat Precautionary measure or adjutant bacterial diseases that may be a complication of Covid-19 in critically ill patients.

Can I get Covid-19 from the excreta of a sick person?

This disease is expected to re-emerge again,but the research is on progress to draw further conclusion. Until this, no fecal-oral infection of Covid-19 has been reported till now. Furthermore, to date, there is no evidence of Covid-19 infection tolerating water or sewage infection.The WHO is conducting a survey of progressive research on how Covid-19 spreads and continues to share new findings on the subject.

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